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Phoenix, AZ 85027

Monday - Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Web-Based Ordering

Vision Graphics offers an exceptionally powerful online ordering system, adding thousands of dollars in profits to our client’s bottom line. Our system’s unique functions and wide range of capabilities offers an efficient and completely customizable interface that can meet your business’ specific needs without any client investment in hardware or software. Some of the benefits are:
a) Our online system is always on, 24-7 and ready whenever you are and wherever you have Internet access. That means you save time. A lot of time. Typical hourly savings are between 160 – 240 hours annually.
b) Generate customized reports, within minutes, allowing minute-by-minute strategic decision making
c) Manage order activity to maximize your printing budget by reducing unnecessary print runs
d) Assign, limit and track monthly individual budgets
e) Invoice via cost center to maintain accurate records and accountability
f) Limit which users can order what products
g) Eliminate proof reading on reorders
h) See a proof within 30 seconds
i) Reduce costs associated with generating a purchase order by over $150 per purchase order (according to the National Purchasing Management Association).